Meet the Team

Bryanne Hobson: Creative Director & Owner

  • Home Town: Winnipeg, Manitoba 
  • Dream Travel Destination? African Safari
  • Favourite Colour? Blush
  • Food you couldn’t live without? It’s not a food – it’s an entire food group for me: Coffee
  • Favourite place in Toronto? My bed
  • Weirdest Quirk? Have a stool in the shower for ‘thinking’ 
  • Favourite Pump Up Song? Kendrick Lamar – Humble

Ian Beveridge: COO

  • Home Town: Winnipeg, Manitoba 
  • Dream travel destination? The Scottish Whisky Trail – Scotland 
  • Favourite Colour? Blue 
  • Food you couldn’t live without? Garden Vegetables 
  • Favourite place in Toronto? The Skydome 
  • Weirdest Quirk? Superstitions at sporting events 
  • Favourite Pump Up Song? Jump – Van Halen 

Jessica Nodwell: Senior Production Designer

  • Home Town: Etobicoke, Ontario
  • Dream travel destination? Greece
  • Favourite colour? Blue
  • Food you couldn’t live without? Cheese
  • Favourite place in Toronto? Sunnyside Park
  • Weirdest Quirk? I have trypophobia - the fear or disgust of closely packed holes
  • Favourite Pump Up Song? You Can Call me Al - Paul Simon

Sophia Prijic: Product Developer

  • Home Town: Dallas, Texas
  • Dream travel destination? Japan
  • Favourite colour? Forrest Green
  • Food you couldn’t live without? Sushi
  • Favourite place in Toronto? Chester Hill Lookout 
  • Weirdest Quirk? Fascinated by unusual things
  • Favourite Pump Up Song? Twist & Shout – The Beatles

Rachelle Grillanda: Production Designer

  • Home Town: Newmarket Ontario
  • Dream travel destination? Ireland 
  • Favourite colour? 286C
  • Food you couldn’t live without? Wine.
  • Favourite place in Toronto? Toronto Reference Library 
  • Weirdest Quirk? I read cookbooks to relax
  • Favourite Pump Up Song? Either Crocodile Rock - Elton John, or Don’t Stop Me Now - Queen

Kaitlyn Haddlesey: Graphic Artist

  • Home Town: Pickering
  • Dream travel destination? Japan
  • Favourite colour? Green
  • Food you couldn’t live without? Pizza
  • Favourite place in Toronto? My nonna's house
  • Weirdest Quirk? I'm allergic to the cold
  • Favourite Pump Up Song? I write sins not tragedies - PATD