Hobbry Turns 3!

A message from our founder:

I can’t believe it has been three years since I quit my full-time job to start Hobbry. I vividly remember getting in my car after my last day of work and ugly crying the whole drive home wondering “what the hell did I just do!?”. Some people start their own company because they strongly dislike their current job, role, compensation, boss…. I was not like that. I LOVED everything about my job. However, I had
done an exercise a few years before I quit where I listed all the things that make me happy. I circled things that were related and started to see some patterns. Afterwards, I made a list of what my dream job would be… and voila… Hobbry was born!

My first week working on Hobbry full time, I started keeping a diary. Here is part of my first post:

“I can honestly say quitting my job hasn’t 100% sunk in yet – it still feels like I am on vacation – sleeping in until 8:30, hitting up a patio at 5… I’m honestly not working very hard. This WILL NOT cut it going forward. There is a small ember under my ass, but I need to be working as if there is a GIGANTIC forest fire! Next week, I need to take Hobbry more seriously. No more sleeping in and wearing sweat pants. I need to dress like a professional – no more painting Chanel prints while wearing pajama pants, 2 shirts and sunglasses. Until next week!”

….. And I haven’t written another diary entry for 3 years, because that forest fire became real. Looking back, I realize what a mental roller coaster being a business owner is, but also how rewarding it can be. We have accomplished so much, met so many amazing people, and are now building a team of talented
professionals who love coming to work to create beautiful things. Our team has quickly become family –and they make coming to work every day so much fun.

Our customers mean a great deal to us as well. Few things feel as good as getting an email from someone telling you “the struggle is real” pen is their good luck exam-writing pen or being in a restaurant a thousand miles from home and signing a bill with a pen you designed that the server hands you! I love hearing about what items you are gifting a friend, or how one of our items helped brighten your day.
Thank you for sharing how you use and enjoy our products .

As for the next three years? I think there are some things you can always expect from us:

1. Be Curious – you don’t know if you don’t try. So we are always designing new products, piece types, and thinking about ways to make different beautiful things. This focus makes our development possibilities limitless!

2. Be Dependable – We pride ourselves on delivering what we say we will. This is important in all businesses and relationships. As a young business, we know to grow only as quickly as we can while maintaining or improving our high standards of dependability.

3. Have Integrity – As a company, our integrity is a controllable factor. Running a business, there are so many factors that you can’t control and that can keep you up at night. Our integrity is not one of those things, and it is important to remember that.

4. Give back – we have been involved with multiple charities and positive community engagements over the past three years, and this is something that we plan on continuing to increase in a range of ways in the coming months and years.

I also hope to have updates for you more than every three years! Thank you so much for being a part of Hobbry’s growth, and for all your support. It means more than you will ever know. We are excited to keep making beautiful things together.