Hobbry Guide to: July

to drink:

Celebrate Canada with this Canadian cocktail! Whether you’re in your backyard, by the lake, or on a patio, Caesar’s are perfect for any occasion. Full recipe at: http://threadsandblooms.com/spicy-caesar-recipe/

to eat:

Tomatoes are the perfect summer food, so indulge in them with this Heirloom Tomato Ricotta Tart. This dish is the perfect blend of creamy yet light, with tons of fresh tomato flavour. Full recipe at: https://foolproofliving.com/tomato-ricotta-tart/

to do:

The July weather is perfect for picnic’s, so why not take advantage of it! Grab some friends, and pack the perfect picnic basket for a nice afternoon in the sun.

to explore: 

This month, why not visit a local farm to pick your own fresh summer fruit. Lots of nearby farms offer pick your own prices and charge by the basket. Lots of fruits are in season in July, our personal favourite are strawberries (once you’re done picking, try your hand at making homemade jam!). Check out one of our favourite farms: https://www.andrewsscenicacres.com/pick-your-own

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